How wonderful your old place is,

Living in a new country is not easy, living without a lover is more challenging. I was enjoying the good life – beautiful sunshine in my face, fresh air in my nose, wind through my hair – when I experienced an epiphany.

“The liberation of letting go of something you held so dear far surpasses the feeling of loss.”

People choose to live in a new country for many reasons. Some have a thing for being free, others have to leave their country for a better future. However, it can also bring a sense of lost feeling in the world.


For me, start living in a new country is not easy because I have to restart everything such as accommodation, transportation, new language, and especially new culture. I have lived in Ho Chi Minh city for over ten years including four years of enjoying college life, and another six years of working with tons of friends and colleagues. I lived in a hustle and bustle city, where I could find anything I needed just by taking around five minutes on my motorbike. Additionally, it was a good place to enjoy entertainment after a long day of working and to hang out with my friends at the weekend. However, everything has changed from the moment I realized that I needed to further improve my knowledge for my future career. Better late than never, I gave up everything that I had to start my new journey to a new land. I significantly embraced my dream to live in a country where I am able to be free, where I could enjoy the tremendous gorgeousness of the autumn and the winter. However, life is not a dream when I realized that how lonely I really felt here without family and friends to support me in such a cold and empty place. I tried to adapt myself to a new condition better than blame on myself. While some experience many shocks related to culture, language, even discrimination, I have never had. I run too fast to force myself capture a new life. Once I decided to let go of something, I had to fight my way in life.

Walking under a powerful snowstorm, waiting for the bus in a freezing rain, you may definitely perceive that how wonderful your old place is.

April 17th, 2018 diary